Carolina Youth Dance Academy

What We Do

Help youngsters develop better social skills through partner dance
Helping Youth Succeed

Partner dancing teaches wonderful social interaction, grace and confidence - all things that help our youth succeed in today's world.

We are here to provide quality dance education in a fun-loving and confidence building environment.

Our highly qualified staff is ready for you to become a part of our dance community.

  • Dancing improves balance and motor skills, provides a gateway for social interaction.

  • Improving self-esteem has positive effects beyond the dance floor.

  • Join a community of dancers from all parts of our area.

  • We work to ensure that our classes are enjoyable for everyone.

Carolina Youth Dance Academy (CYDA) is a 501 (c)(3) charitable non-profit organization.

Our mission is to offer professional dance training in several genres of dance to the young as a way to unite people across racial, ethnic, and social barriers. Our hope is to increase awareness, respect, friendship, and community-wide social change.


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Our Artistic Directors


Founder and Artist Director
Hall of Fame Dancer, Choreographer, Teacher, Competition Judge with more than 40 years of dance experience.


Artistic Director
3 Time U.S. Open Swing Dance Champion, Choreographer, Teacher, Natl. Shag Dance Team Member past).